Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tarter and Yeast, a Pup-date!

The pups were long over due for a visit to their doctor.
They get a physical, yearly shots and lab work.
Usually this goes over well.
Sully is dramatic.
Yelps with every shot,
while wagging his tail and licking the tech.
Willa is a tough pooch.
She stands there and takes it.
Without making a sound.
Her tail safely tucked.
This year we did not leave with a clean bill of health..
Sully has had ear issues since I've adopted him.
I've had to clean those ears more then I care to share.
This time he left the vet with ointment,
to treat is double ear yeast infection..
Then there's Willa. 
She always has the most random things happen to her.
Scraped up paws. 
blisters and sores under her arms.,
allergic recaation to river water.
This trip I was informed if we don't get the tarter on her teeth under control,
she will have to have dental work.
Since when do dogs have dental work done?
So I made a trip to the cities to gather supplies.
Stuff to put in their water to help with the tarter,
And a tooth brush and tooth paste for the pups.
Every morning I'm wrangling dogs,
brushing their teeth and rubbing ointment in their ears..
Then I get sour looks and ignored for a while.
Overall, they are in good health!
They lost weight!!!
No more bratworsts!
They got mega complements on their silky fur.
The staff had good laughs at Sully's dramatic expressions.
...and I'm happy
after the morning wrangling! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My March Happiness

 My March Happiness
For 2014, my main focus was to be happy.
Here's a recap at what made me happy in March! 

*Shamrock Shakes at McDonald's.
This trumps the list. 
If you haven't tried one, you should.
They are my my spring guilty pleasure

*Soggy, muddy Dachshunds after a walk
The ground has been covered up all winter long around here.
My poor pooches have had to potty on the sidewalk.
So talking them for a walk,
on a sidewalk,
is glorious!
Even it it means immediate baths, every time 

*Spending time with my Grandma
She's almost 89,
life is too short to not spend time with her doing little things.

My basset hound is old. Almost 15!!
She's outlived all of our other bassets.
She can't really lift her one leg anymore.
She's lumpy with age and growths.
But it doesn't seem to bother her.
She still wagging her tail and greeting me when I visit.
before demanding a treat.
Spring isn't here yet,
she hasn't demanded a belly rub.

*fresh air
Okay, so it's only 30 degrees outside,
But I still flew open the patio door for the first time to let in some fresh air.

*St. Patricks Day
It's my favorite holiday.
My hometown goes wild with festivities.
I was fortunate enough to be there to participate this year!

*Reading a book
I can only seem to do one hobby at a time,
 An actual book from the library finally made the rotation!

*A roof over my head
As much as I dislike where I live,
It's a roof over my head.
The apartment complex where I live when I was in college,
burnt down, again.
I burned down two years ago.
A reminder that things could be so much worse.

*A washed car
I was raised in a household where a washed car is vital.
It must have rubbed off on me  because I've been antsy to wash my vehicle.
Taking the sprayer and blasting off the sand and salt was refreshing..
it was dirty as soon as I left the wash, 
but the grit that's been stuck on it for months is gone..
I felt 10x better.

 *It's a girl!
Finding out one of my best buds is having a baby girl!
Let the baby shopping begin!

Catching up on my blogs!
I was a wee bit behind on my blog reading.
Now I feel up to date,
with a clean que in Bloglovin! 

What are some things that made you happy this month?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Squatting in April

 I love squats.
Mainly because I carry my extra weight in my upper leg/butt area.
Not so much in my abdomen like most people.
So when I feel the burn, I know I'm hitting the right spot.
Glad you know that, right :)
Since I'm trying to get back my fitness routine,
I decided to do 30 days of squats.

It was big all over Pinterest and blogs last year,
but I didn't jump on board.
My April work schedule is going to be absurdly crazy,
so instead of using that as an excuse to slack off on exercising,
I'm going to use it as motivation.
So I'm going to start squatting April 1st,
and you should too.
Leave me motivation comments!!
I need them!!
So if you've done the 30 day squat challenge once,
and want to do it again.
Or are wanting to try it out,
here's your chance!
I'll be randomly blogging in April about my progress.
Keep me posted on your progress too!
If you have done it, tell me how it went!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Confession: Exercise Clothes

I have excessive amounts of workout clothes.

I blame 3 things:

One: Motivation
When I am red faced, 
sweat soaked,
with frizzy hair,
I feel amazing, but gross,
but looking in the mirror,
I realize you still look good.
Workout clothes that make me look good,
gives me confidence.
A girls gotta look the part! 

This is a biggie.
I don't think I have ever paid full price for exercise clothes.
There's a Nike outlet a half an hour away.
I can score big at TJ MAXX if I hit it at the right time.
Zulily has great sales on name brands.
(since I know the size I wear in a particular brand, the no return policy isn't a biggie)
Target Cartwheel can help score some big deals!
Underarmour Outlet online with free shipping.

If I'm not working out,
Buying work out clothes makes me free productive.
Pathetic, I know.

Truth be told,
I wear Navy scrubs 5 days a week.
Literally say to myself.
"what brand of navy do I want to wear today"
It gets extremely boring! 
By changing up my workout clothes,
I actually feel like I'm choosing an outfit.

Anyone else a workout clothes addict?

P.S. Giveaway is still going on! 
Click here to enter to win!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hot and Sour Soup {GIVEAWAY} #meatlessmonday

My winter eating has consisted of a lot of soups.
This one is one of my favorites.
Mainly because the ingredients are so different.

Tofu is the main protein source in this soup.
I am not going to lie,
I am slightly weirded out  by tofu.
I think it's the texture.
But,  in this recipe it is disguised by all the crunchy ingredients,
so there is no reason not to make it!

If you participate in #meatlessmonday, 
this works great for that.
Or if you do not eat meat on Friday's for lent,
also another great choice :) 

Nasoya sent me some tofu to try out,
and I liked it!
Not only is it good for you,
but it is all natural but it is also organic!
I've never heard of them before I tried their food,
but now I am a fan.

You can read a little more about them here

Want to try it out for yourself?
Leave a blog post comment saying what you like about tofu,
or why you want to try it out,
and you'll be entered to win some free tofu!

Want a second chance to win?
Tweet about the giveaway and leave a comment that you did! 

Hot and Sour Soup
    5 oz tofu, cut into small squares
    4 cups fat free low sodium chicken broth
    8 oz can sliced bamboo shoots, drained and slightly chopped up
    1 carrott julienned, (I used frozen carrots I had from last fall) 
    8 oz can water chestnuts, drained and slightly chopped up
    3 tbsp quick cooking tapoica
    6 oz can sliced mushrooms, drained
    1 tbsp vinegar
    1 tbsp lt soy sauce
    1 tsp sugar
    1/4 tsp black pepper
    1/2 to 1 tsp tobasco sauce (depending on how hot you want it)
    1 egg beaten


Combine all ingredients except tofu, and egg in slow cooker.
Cok on low 8 hours or on high 3-4.
Add tofu cover and cook 45-60 more min.
Pour egg into soup in a thin stream while stirring soup.

Makes 4-6 servings

Friday, March 21, 2014

A Week in Photos

Living with these pups reminds me to appreciate the little things,
like sunshine

I finally caved and opened he patio door for the first time this winter
Willa's sniffer was smelling spring in the air

Then I met up with my cousin to start planning our trip to Ireland.
My Peppermint latte came with a cute little monkey ;) 

This is a BLT with cranberries.
Yes, cranberries.

There is a lot of Irish decedents in my hometown,
so St. Paddy's Day has grown to be a "thing".
Including a parade that mainly showcases families with Irish heritage.
It's a small town thing i guess..
So Sully and my grandma had fun taking in the parade,
from the warmth of the car..

Sully was on patrol for any food that may potentially drop to the kitchen floor..

I turned the heat way down while I was gone.
It may have gotten a little too cold.
Sully was in hibernation mode in the pillows

Trout to be exact.
Bring on grilling season! 

That was my week via photos!

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Bad Case of the Tomorrows


I keep hearing about how long this winter has been.
I've disagreed.
It has flown by!
All my winter projects I wanted to get done,
are not even close to being completed. 
How could it have been a LONG winter?

Then I think about how long it's been since I've exercised regularly,
and hang my head in shame.

I hate treadmills.
I hate going to the gym.
I like throwing on my shoes,
grabbing my tunes,
and heading out the door for a run.

I like figuring out my own pace,
and deterring how far I can run that day.
I like feeling the sun or the breeze.
Not possible on a treadmill. 

I've used the winter weather as my excuse to be lazy.
Telling myself I'll go to the gym tomorrow.

I've lost count of the tomorrows.
So I'm going start counting the today's.
The today's where I pick myself up,
and kick my own butt.
Even if it means going to the gym..

Any ideas to keep me motivated?
I've been looking at fit bits, etc.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Curling in Duluth

A few weeks ago,
I got invited to go curling.
Since the Winter Olympics is going on,
everyone should know what I'm talking about.

Shuffleboard on the ice with brooms.

I've lived in the midwest my whole life,
but never witnessed curling.
I guess you to live in an area that resembles the arctic tundra.
For me.
I went to Duluth, MN.

For those that do not know me.
I am really not competitive.
Except for when my Packers are playing.
So when I was told it was a costume curing game,
my interest was peeked.

This years event:
Dress as your favorite book character.
So naturally there isn't too much competitiveness
and is just good fun! 

Where's Waldo?
Next to one of the three little pigs..

There was at least ten Waldo's there.

Here's some of the Harry Potter  Team
Ron actually had a wig and the "R" sweater.
Loved it!

So this is what I learned:
Your goal is to get your disc closest to the center,
if your team has it the closest,
then you get points for all the discs on there
and the other team doesn't.

I had a really, really hard time getting shuffleboard out of my head.
Not sure why,
haven't played it since, um 1998?

Oh, there there mini tv's all along the viewing window,
so all the spectators can see the top of the far end of the score zone.
Sadly I didn't discover this until half way through.

The games are LONG.
It's a major arm workout moving the "brooms"

How they launch the disc is actually really cool,
and hard to do.
I should have take a video.

I could completely have some of the facts of the game wrong.
Sorry if I do.
I was a little out of my element

Side note:
I foresee several trips to Duluth in 2014.
Such a great city! 
Have you ever gone curling?
Or wanted to try?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Catching Up via Instagram


I kicked off my week by my pooch knawing away at my computer cord.

Then I drove to the apple store on day off to get a new one, (It's an hour away) only to find out they gave me the wrong cord. I have the worst luck with computers!!

So I'm trying to stay optimistic and be grateful I can blog via phone! 

Since I took a hiatus, I owe you some up dates! Here's a quick photo peek of the last few weeks via Instagram .. 

One of the few days it was above zero degrees I needed to get outside, so, like a normal person, I went to the zoo :) this dude, or dudette?, came over and started posing. I obviously must have looked like a blogger to him..

My fridge had been harboring cider beers since late summer. I've been saving this gem until last. It's my favorite cider by far.

I got out of my oatmeal kick and have no idea why. So I changed that quickly. I love customizing my oats. Lately, it's been cocoa, peanut butter, cinnamon, chai, and flax combos. This particular day I added some homemade apple sauce I canned this fall. 

I took a trip up to Duluth, MN a couple weekends ago. I'll tell you a little more about it in another post. Dispite the blowing winds and ice cold temps, this view made me forget all about it.

A dog and her chipmunk. Love. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Life Lately

Hey All!

If you have not noticed,
I have been absent from the blogosphere for a while.

Truth be told.
I had to.


A year of absolute craziness caught up with me.
I broke down.
Started to fall apart.

The sad part was that I never realized I was,
until my mom called me out on it.

So I took some me time.

What I thought would be a couple weeks during the holiday,
turned into almost two months.


But I'm back!
(insert happy dance!)
I've finally found the time and energy to tackle projects again.
Naturally, I'll keep you posted when I finish them..
My mind is racing on things I want to tackle!
So many things I want to show you!

Hopefully I never have to take a break for that long again.
I missed my little blog!
and all my little readers :)

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