Monday, October 13, 2014

celebrating the season

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I walk outside and am instantly energized. Shortly after that I feel the need to go someplace and do something fall, like now! I never quite know what my spontaneity will turn into, sometimes it is a walk with the dachshunds  by my running trail and enjoying the sites:

Other times, It's popping in a fall blend coffee and playing with the pups outside while I still can. 

The leaf tuning season started out great, then it rained and kinda but the kibosh on the really spectacular colors. My neighbor has a cool ombre tree :) 

My mom found this mushroom in our yard. If I was five years old, I'm pretty sure I would be imagining fairies and trolls living around it... Okay, so I am 29 and the thought did cross my mind. I have no shame. None. 

What is your favorite part of the autumn/fall season?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life: Unexpected

It's true I am not a big fan of surprises. I blame it on the inner shy Shannon.When people try to surprise me, all the attention is on me. Insert: Panic and red flushed cheeks! However, I have gotten better at rolling with the punches. For instance:
This is Ned. 
Ned is my basil toad. He lives in my basil plant. When I first met Ned, he surprised me by appearing in my bowl of freshly picked basil. I am not a fan of any creatures without fur, at all!  Now that we have formally met, Ned has felt a little more comfortable around here. He frequently is found clinging on the patio door window or chilling on his basil basil plant. We're good. 
Then a few days earlier, this happened:

Droopy Ears, Sad Face..
Sully wanted to lay in his kennel. All day. Not like him. He is normally attacking me with his squeaky toys or snoozing in my lap. I figured he just was tired. However when Mike came home, Sully didn't even wag his tail or get out of the kennel. It's safe to say the pups have grown on him because he scooped him up, pillow and all, and took him to urgent care. (yes, pet urgent care does exist)  Lab work, x-rays, and an exam later he was diagnosed with a compressed disc. He is back to his normal self now, chasing toads and all. Maybe it's because I take and examine x-rays all day long or because I asked the dog-loving radiologist I work with to take a peek at the X-rays, but I do not believe he has a compression fracture. But I do think he hurt his back, just not that severely. 
You never can predict what live with present you with, 
but sometimes you just gotta roll with it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 2014 Stitch Fix

Thank you to everyone who has been leaving comments on my Stitch Fix posts,
from last year. 
It made me realize I should probably get on the ball and do a post,
this year preferably..

Truth is,
Stitch Fix got a little ishy a while ago.
They changed delivery companies which caused me all kinds of chaos.
Then they really didn't seem to be matching my style very well.
The last two or three fixes have been much, much better.

So I thought I would share with you my latest fix!

First things first,
The photoarea had to be checked by my security team...

 1.) Renee C Mackin Floral Print Cut-Out Back Tank
I loved this top. Now that may hair is shorter, the cute cut out on the back is actually visible. The print is something I would not have normally picked out, but I really liked it when I put it on. The back is longer then the front.

Verdict: Return
Boyfriend said it looked like a "mom shirt". Needless to say I became paranoid and sent it back.

2) 41Hawthorn Montgomery Chevron Cross-Front Top
I am not a big fan of chevron print on anything. The chevrons didn't go up and down so I actually was okay with this top. The fit was perfect (and stretchy). It can easily be dressed up or down. 

Verdict: Keep!
It is a really good transitional piece to go into fall with.

3) Pomelo Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan
I have been eyeballing this cardigan on Pinterest for a while now. So when I saw it was going to be in my fix, I was pretty pumped. I loved it! However, I would not recommend wearing it zipped. 

Verdict: Return
I decided bright orange isn't practical for this time of year. I did tell my stylist to include it again in another fix, just in a darker color. 

4) 19 Cooper Cathleen Split-Neck Tulip-Sleeve Blouse
This top just wasn't me. It fit great, but the style wouldn't work for my lifestyle. 

 Verdict: Return

5) Bay to Baubles Tazo Triangle Charm Lariat Necklace
I was uberly excited to get a necklace that was simple. I wore it in most of the photos above. It just dangled a little bit too long and wound up sitting inside my shirt. 

Verdict: return

So that's this months fix.
If you to try it yourself, here's my referral link! 

Speaking of links,
Today I am linking up with Becky@Olivesnwine
for Treat Yourself Tuesday! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Minnesota Yard

When I moved into this rental house in July,
there was so much I was ready for.
One of them being having a yard.
You really don't know how much you miss having one,
until you spend 6 years without one.
So here is a little look around the outdoors of my MN home! 

Anywhere I live,
my pups will be my first priority.
So that fact that this place came with a fenced in backyard is amazing!
Bonus: it's green. Much more appealing then the silver looking chain fence.

Speaking of the pups...
On each side of the garage is a dachshund.
I did not put them there.
It was fate, let me tell ya.
God knows he needs to be a little blunt with me on where I should live..

I can almost squeal at the fact I have a front stoop.
Not only and I planning on decorating it for the fall,
but there is no long FedEx battles!!!!
My #1 pet peeve at my apartment.

Yes, it's a recycling bin.
But after almost 6 years of no recycling.
I am happy to finally be doing my part.
We honestly go through as much recycling as we do garbage..
Sad to think about how much I've put in the landfill over the years at my apartment.

There is an empty lot next to us....

...and across from us :)

The pups are still have a deck to sun on.

A fire pit!
We were so excited to have on the backyard.
We are talking near giddy.. 
Truth: We've only used it once.

I have this slight obsession with the super tall pine trees in rows.
My back yard has them.
I LOVE looking out my window and seeing this pines.
I cannot wait until winter when they are heavy with snow..
Yes, I just said I cannot wait until winter.

What are your thoughts?
What is the favorite part about the outdoors where you live?

Today I'm linking up with Amanda@RunningWithSpoons

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Almost Thirty Discovery

I recently turned almost thirty and made a discovery:
I cannot do it all.

The week following my birthday, I took the entire week off.
My goal was to complete multiple projects, plus
cook, clean, unpack, workout, bake and blog..
I had seven days.
Seemed totally possible.

What I accomplished was only a fraction of that.
Instead of beating myself up like I normally do,
I am trying to accept that there isn't just enough time in the day.

Instead I spent time with my boyfriend,
whom I normally don't get to see during the week.
I spent time at target, which I love to do!
(cartwheel is the best!)
The weekend was spent with my family,
doing things my family normally does.

My craft projects are still at a standstill.
My blog has been neglected.
My house still has empty walls and unpacked boxes.
My garden is still wild and crazy.
But right now, I don't care.
Because I'm enjoying some puppy cuddles.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Preserving Chives

I had the pleasure of taking last week off of work.
No vacation planned.
Instead I had an absurdly long list of to-dos.
I never once thought that moving into a house,
from an apartment, 
would be so cluttered!
One project I wanted to accomplish was to tend to my container garden.
I've had chives growing all summer,
and haven't touched them.
Since cooking "real" meals really hasn't happened over the last month,
I decided to preserve my chives by freezing them.
I'm thinking they will add a lot of flavor to foods in the winter,
when very little produce has substantial taste.
If you've never frozen chives,
here's a super easy tutorial:
1. Cut chives from the plant leaving some growth at the bottom of the plant.
2. Take the harvested chives and chop them up.
3. Spread them over a baking sheet lined with parchment or wax paper.
4. Place in Freezer for around 24hrs.
5. Take the frozen chives and store them in a freezer bag to use when you're ready to! 
The one thing I  absolutely love about this process,
is that the chives are individually frozen,
not all clumped together!
Give it try!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gone Fishin'


Some of my co-workers have loved ones who have been hurting.
So our department at work has been putting together items for their fundraiser.

I normally work second shift,
and get excluded from the fun, decorative stuff.
Due to staff vacations, 
and myself randomly working an earlier shift,
 I got the honor of putting together a Fishing Themed Basket.

I actually had a reason of taking out,
aka, unpacking,
my craft stuff-
And using it.
It felt  good!

My hobbies have unfortunately fallen on the back burner this year.
I kept it super simple, 
I wanted the basket to speak for itself.
Me me tell you, 
sprucing up a tackle box isn't easy!

Today I am teaming up with Becky at olivesnwine.
I treated myself to using my creativity,
while helping a co-worker's benefit!

Monday, July 7, 2014

So Long Wisconsin

We survived the move to Minnesota! Thursday we spent all day loading and unloading the U-haul. We both foresee a moving company for our next move, maybe just for the furniture.  I would love to say we followed though on our plans to go see fireworks the next day, but truth be told, we were exhausted. Instead, we watched the fireworks display out the window of an extra bedroom while sitting on nightstands. It worked for us! 

Yesterday we finally got the lawn mowed! The pups were getting red bug bites on their bellies from the crazy long grass. So we bought a mower and took care of it. So far, no more nasty red marks!  

The drawback of this house is the ticks! I've lost  count of how many we've caught crawling on us or on our things. They make mosquitos look good! 

Speaking of the pups. They are adjusting amazingly. Sully loves playing try-and-get-me around the island. We went from having neighbors on the other sides of the walls, to literally no next door neighbors. So he's had to bark at random things, like the ice maker..

I always know where Mike is since Sully loves being with him all the time. He literally sits and stares downstairs waiting for him to come in from the garage or up from the basement.

We kicked back last night enjoying the last night of our long weekend. Nothing beats stovetop popcorn! Perfect ending!

P.S. This stuff is like catnip for dogs.  The doxies have even started eating the dirt after I fertilize my plants. Ridiculous! 

How was your holiday weekend?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Life Lately

Life needs to slow down 
I've got a lot of blogging to catch up on..
Here's what you missed,
literally just from this past week!

On Friday the boy finally graduated from is residency program.
So i made him take a photo with me after his roast..
P.S. the U of M campus is not directionally challenged Shannon friendly..
There is a reason I went to a college with only two buildings for classes...

Oh and a last minute change of plans.
I'm moving.
The boy rented a house large enough for me and the pups to move in
(its even got a fenced in back yard)
My lease isn't up until the fall,
but I decided I wanted to take advantage of having a yard during the summer months.

 Sully wanted to make sure he didn't get missed in the packing..

 A pup and his squeaky 
The squeaky was packed, not worries..

 Oh and Willa caught a fly in mid air and ate it.
That's was pretty big news for a while.
Then Sully disabled a fly and played with it for a while.
I'm well guarded from fly attacks..

Last but not least.
I chopped all my hair off.
Wasn't in my plans (or my stylists)
for it to be this short,
but I really don't mind it.

...until we meet again...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014



I am back after a very long couple weeks of craziness and travel.
I haven't gone on a real vacation that doesn't involve visiting friends or weddings in years. 
Right before I left, Influenster sent me a box of goodies to try out!
The theme to this fox of #GoVoxBox.
 Obviously this arrived just in time! 


#MuellerQuaker Yogurt sent me a coupon to try out of of their products.
This girl eats yogurt daily. Seriously.
I was kind of bummed since I didn't know where I could find them.
Low and behold, they are at Walmart.
Guess I didn't have to to look to far.
They have different variety in flavors which was big in my book.
Dark Chocolate and Raspberry, Dark Chocolate and Cherry,
Need I go on?

Next up on the box was a new protein shake and fun shaker. 
#NextStep sent me three flavors to try out.
I literally placed an order online after I finished them.
However, due to my unfortunate apartment situation,
they arrived when I was on vacation and was sent back to the company.
Shannon was not a happy camper.
The shakes tasted good which is a biggie in my book,
but they also filled me up.
I will be finding a store or shipping to someone else's house to get more.
Bonus, the shaker is SUPER fun...
Trust me.

My tootsies were the happy recipients of the next two products.
Profoot Pedi Rock (its squishy) and Aqua spa bath salts in lavender scent.
talk about relaxing..
I treated my foot to a nice pedicure before my trip,
but should have brought it along on the vacation.
My feet were so tired and could use the pampering at the end of the day.

Triad Orthotics were also in my influenster box.
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them since I'm not really in need of any insoles.
But I tossed them in my Toms shoes for walking in San Francisco,
and never regretted it once!
Toms are super comfortable, 
but with all the walking on hard pavement for a week,
I was grateful I had them along!

 I love Blue Diamond Almonds ever since the Healthy Living Summit last year.
So finding them in my package was awesome!
I brought them along for a nice replacement to the peanuts on the airplane.
Which had no peanuts.
Do they even serve peanuts on planes anymore?

Playtex Sports also sent me some lovelies to try out.
But I haven't tried them out.
So I can't tell you if I love them or not so much.

Thanks Influenster for the products!
Your timing couldn't have been better!

Today I liked up with Becky @ Olives n Wine 
for Treat Yourself Tuesday!!! 

*I received these products free to try, but my opinions are my own. I would not endorse products I do not stand behind.

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