Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Birthday Bucket List

The 28th Year

My birthday is fast approaching..
Year 27 wasn't an awful year, nor was it fabulous.
My problem is that  I just can't really pin point what on Earth I spent 365 days doing!
This year, I'm making a list!

1. Travel!
I don't foresee any big trips in my near future, but maybe some little ones around the midwest?

2. Blog More

3. Explore
Leaving this one wide open, it might coincide with numeral uno. 

4. Finish a scrapbook
I've been working on recreating my grandmothers scrapbooks, Big project!
Love the stories and quality time with my Grandma!

5. Spend more time with family and friends
Time goes by so fast!

6. Work on my photography hobby
Someday I hope to own a DSLR camera, but I need to get photography basics down first

This area needs mucho improvement!

8. Step outside of my comfort zone
Since I live a single girl's life in small town working second shift, I unknowingly rekindled my inner shy girl and hung on for dear life.
Honestly, this one scares me!

9. Lose 10 pounds
(Isn't this on everyone's list?)

10. Teach my pups a new trick
We've gotten in a rut of Sit, lay down, shake, rollover, spin, and stay. Repeat.
Sully does them all at once.
Any ideas for other tricks to teach them?

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