Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 2013 Stitch Fix Review

I've proclaimed my love of things that come in a box before. 
One of my favorites is Stitch Fix!
For those who are unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, it's a subscription service where you pay $20 and a stylist picks out 5 pieces of clothes, jewelry, or a mix both based on your style profile. The pieces come wrapped up oh so pretty like and come with a cute little note from your stylist. Each article of clothing comes with a card attached that tells you two different ways of styling the outfit. The $20 you paid gets used as a credit toward your purchase and if you decide to buy all five pieces they take and additional 25% off. You then have three days to decide what to keep and what to send back. If you choose to send any items back they enclose a prepaid mailer. Whew, got all that? 
The pieces they send are pricey, but the quality is great. I usually one treat myself to one of the five they send. I justify the cost by making sure I wear that top more. It's worked so far! I think this was my 4th fix! 
Here's a glimpse of what arrived in my little box! 
Colibri Solid Tab-Sleeve Blouse

Loved this top, but I have something similar already..

Under Skies
Ivan Bejeweled Neck Tribal Print Tank

Cute, right?
But it's a tank top and since summer came so late this year,
I could not see myself wearing it enough

Kut From The Kloth
Harpor Cotton Plaid Buttondown Top

Pink and Green
In a plaid top..
This ended up being the top I picked, mainly because of  process of elimination
but mostly because I loved the colors 

Two Strand Bubble Necklace

Really cute, but way too big or chunky or gaudy for my taste

Mak B
Liam Striped Loose Knit Sweater

This shirt looks really frumpy
But when I tried it on, I LOVED IT!!
It's super comfortable!
My only issue was that it was slightly too short
I have a long torso.
It just wasn't working for me..

For my next fix (I set it for September)
I requested AUTUMN outfits and colors
This girl LOVES the fall and can't wait too see what my stylist pics out!

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  1. Love the plaid! Was going to request in my next fix but then realized this was from 2013 and not 2014! Haha..... Glad I stumbled upon you from searching stitch fix on Pinterest - I like your blog!! :)


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