Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh Fransson Twin Baby Quilts

Oh Fransson has a pretty fun baby quilt pattern. 
Ten dollars gets you three patterns! 

I decided to a makeshift Irish theme to these baby quilts. My cousin's twins will be a quarter Irish so it's appropriate, right? :) 

Here's how they turned out. 

Baby A. (Girl) . I was hesitant to use pastels since it seems everything baby is pastel. but with the shades of green on the main print, I didn't have too many options. (Side note. I was flabbergasted that every yellow fabric I picked up was practically see-though! Not cool... Not cool at all) 

Disclaimer: I did not iron this quilt before hand. Whoops. So they are genuine wrinkles, not sewed in in wrinkles.


I love having fun binding!

Baby B (Boy) I really liked how this one turned out. I didn't switch up the colors as much, but I incorporated more Irish prints on the front. 



close up 

I have major issues with aligning up the squares. Not completely sure what I am doing wrong here? Having a type A personality would be a huge benefit in quilting. I, unfortunately, lack it. 

For a girl that just bought a sewing machine, not to bad huh? 

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