Monday, July 22, 2013

The Cilantro Tree

Lately, I have been trying to incorporate more healthy foods I normally don't eat. One of the ways I have decided to do that this year was by planting a herb garden. Since I have had absolutely no luck in the past growing any kind of herb by seed, I stuck to plants this year.

This year's herb crop includes: garlic cilantro, Apple mint, Lemon basil, Oregano, Sweet basil, Lemon mint, and Cilantro. I was skeptical on what would grow since we've had crazy amounts of rain this spring. However when I came home after a week away I discovered, they had grown. Whee!

My lemon basil didn't make it, but I was amazed at how well my little cilantro plant grew. Calling it a cilantro plant seems incorrect. A cilantro tree would be more appropriate.  

Yes, it's being held up by a wooden dowel. 
Does any other herb get this big besides dill?
(sadly I didn't even plant dill for this exact reason)

My problem now is what on Earth do I do with all this cilantro?!!  One can only make so many lime fish tacos! 

Any good cilantro recipes?

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