Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Finds 8/2/13

Hide Away Printer
So creative..but I'm thinking this would be great way to hide a DVD player speakers, etc..

Buffalo Chicken Cresent Ring.
Keeping up with my obsession with all things buffalo....
How fun would this be to make?!!

GREAT idea!
Pretty sure I say Trainer Bob do this on The Biggest Loser

I love potatoes, blame it on the irish half of me,
but seriously DILL and potatoes.

Camela.. You need to pin this..
I am thinking future baby's room, scrapbook paper, elephant stencil..
Not necessary hanging on a string, but a cute wall hanging..

I've always wanted to do this!
I just need a photogenic tree :)

This is Sully, 24/7

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