Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Finds 8/9/13

It's Finally Friday!!
AND I do not have to work today.
Totally not trying to rub it in...
It just get's better and better!
Here's Friday Finds to kick of the beginning of the weekend!
Have a good one!

Hedgehog Pin Cushion

I foresee this in my near future..
Very near future

My style!
Seems super easy too!

I have been dreaming of one of these for days!!
I had tension between my shoulder blades that I kept trying to crack,
My poor co-worker had to deal with me pulling my arms back every few minutes
I looked like a chicken..
While brain storming ways to crack this area of my back,
A foam roller came to mind.
I hear  calling my name!

I may or may not be mentally scanning my fridge at this moment for these ingredients..

I have to confess,
I make fun out of people that leave Christmas Lights up all year.
I leave my St, Patrick's Day stuff up all year, every year, for years.
Mental note:
Find cute little cauldron's around halloween time..

I ran across this and LOVE this site!
Super challenging workout mix-ups for every month 
and different variations depending on what you're feeling like doing that day.
Awesome Discovery!

Oh for cute.. 

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