Monday, August 19, 2013

Running Excuses

Happy Monday!
The weekend is only 5 days away!
Keep telling yourself that :)
When I redesigned the blog I wanted to have blurbs on fitness.
 However, I don't always get what I want
because I suck at fitness.
Healthy life style I can do.
But fitness is not my forte.
Over the last couple of years I've taken up running
At least when it's above 50 degrees outside.
Do I love it?
Do I like it a little?
Not really.
Fore these reasons I will never call myself a runner.
But I love what it does for clearing my head
and toning my body.
I had a goal set for late this fall.
I was going to run a half marathon in late October.
Those that know me are probably laughing.
I am not the running type.
Last fall I easily completed a 5 mile trail run
after a scorching hot summer, IT band issues in my knee,
regulating my trouble some asthma,
and blister after blister after blister.
So this year over doubling the distance didn't seem like too much of a stretch.
Then 2013 hit
and my motivation dissappeared .
My excuses went as followed:
It's too cold.
It's raining
It looks like it could rain.
Its too cold.
repeat the above 50 more times
and add
I should be cleaning instead
My pups are too cozy to make them go in the kennel
I need to find time to cook
and clean
Now it's almost September
and I am gradually getting back on track.
I've had a rough emotional year (so far)
and realized I needed to purge my head though pounding on pavement.
The blisters have come back.
I'm working though it.
My breathing is under control with the help of steroid inhalers.
I loyally stretch my knees before ever run.
I know the half marathon isn't going to happen this fall.
but maybe next spring?
In the mean time,
I'm going to try to repeat the same 5 mile trail run..
I need something to work toward!
What keeps you motived?
How do you overcome setbacks? 

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