Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sully Turns THREE!

Um.. I goofed.
My eldest fur baby had a birthday and I didn't blog about it.
He forgave me.
I think..

So how did my little guy celebrate this THREE year birthday?
He took a L.O.N.G walk on the roads at the cabin.
He even tried to convince me into taking a short cut though a gate.
Wasn't happening.

He got to bark at some cows.
Why all my dogs feel the need to do this, I have no idea...

Then he got to go to his uncles
and see his grandmas
and eat scraps off the table
and bark
and bark
and bark
and bark
on the deck
through the railing that seemed to be just his size..

And he got to pretend he was driving the Jeep.

Happy Third Birthday Sully!

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