Monday, August 5, 2013

The Script at Treasure Island Casino

I'm gradually getting caught up on my blogging from my break!
My week of vacation kicked off with a concert with my cousin:
I can honestly say I have heard their music, but never knew who sang them
Now I know.
And I am addicted. 
They have a station on my Pandora.
And I can pick out when any song from their three albums comes on.
and I can recite most of the words at this point.
Sadly, the appreciation for their music came 
I saw the concert.
Thank you You Tube to introducing me to the story behind the band.
Love them.
And their Irish accent..
Meet Danny
Vocalist, keyboardist, and guitarist..
Did I mention they also write produce their own music.
So talented!

This is Treasure Island Casino.
I highly recommend this  venue.
There is no bad seats!

Meet Mark
The guitarist
Also insanely talented

I was bound, set, and determined I was going to get good pics..
I got...
A couple.
I'll take it!

Another shot of Danny
Which sounds like "donny" in their accents..

1 comment:

  1. Mark's not the drummer ... he's the guitarist and second voice. Glen is the drummer


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