Tuesday, September 3, 2013


This weekend,
 actually on Labor Day, 
I finally got caught up on all my blog reading
And did a little exploring of new blogs..
and ran across Sarah's blog, A Total Basset Case
Genius name and adorable pooch! 
She's participating in Blogtember 
I've been really reaching thinking of new posts
so I am loving the timing of this!

Frist up:
Describe where you came from.

I grew up in Waukon, IA, 
where you are greeted by this lovely man and bull upon entering

I could talk about the charm of town,
or where it is located,
or my favorite places to visit.

Instead, I'm going to take a different route.
The people of Waukon

This photo shows the inside of the basement of my dad's business
somehow this became one of the infamous photos

Early this summer there was a random "flood"
There are not any rivers or streams nearby.
Nor is it a flood area.
But there was too much rain
in too short of time
and no where for it to go.

In just a few hours
 several businesses and homeowners
were experiencing devastating losses.

Instead of collapsing with their faces in their hands
or chatting with neighbors on how horrible it all was,
People came out in droves 
with buckets and Wellies 
and for several days
they scrubbed and scraped
and lifted and dumped.
organizations and other businesses provided meals
for a least a good week
volunteers came from nearby areas
Amish even came to help.
Truly a community that comes together

and gradually, 
months later,
my little hometown 
is on the homestretch of it's recovery.

After living there most of my life,
I've recently learned
it's the people that make my hometown
what it is.


  1. It was interesting to read about your town!

    I'm also from Wisconsin, but southeastern (almost to IL border), very far away from you!

    1. I actually grew up a few minutes away from the southwestern border of WI and after college moved more northern, way northen :)

  2. Beautifully written! What a testament to the people of your town. Such an inspiring way to remember such a difficult time. I'm glad to hear that your town is recovering!

  3. it's amazing how people come together after a massive event. We also had major flooding in our community and it really affected our lives but I am so thankful for the amazing people around! Hope your town continues to recover do do amazing!

    1. Thanks! The mess, both physical and emotional, that a flood can do is hard to imagine until you have to live though it! Hope your commuinity is recovering quickly too!

  4. I can relate to having a similar thing happen to our family home in 1995. I was touched at how the community worked to help each other! I too am from Wisconsin. In West Bend. I like this post.

  5. Wow - what an amazing story! Thanks for sharing Shannon :) x S

  6. Small communities really are great!

    Thanks for the shout out!


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