Monday, September 30, 2013

Delores: 1928

Today's Blogtember Prompt:
Share a photo of something old. 

Meet Delores
That's Delores with an -es at the end, not an -as.
If you get it wrong, I'll hear about it.
For the next 5 years.

This little lady was called "girly" by her family.
I can only imagine what she was like.

This "girly" is my Grandma.
She turned 88 this year.

I will always think of her as the lady that made all my birthday cakes,
and graduation cake.
The lady that doesn't hug,
but squeezes you,
Who loves her (great) grand dogs
as much as she would love any great-grandkids
yes, we're a dog family

She's a volunteer that's put in more hours
then I can even imagine.
And appreciates the little little things:
Talking to her sister,
Bumping into someone she hasn't seen in a while,
telling stories from her youth,
and looking at the countryside
while sitting on a deck at the cabin.
With a grand dog at her feet.

Knowing who she is 85 years after that picture,
is a privilege. 

Great note to end the Blogtember series on!
Here is all the #blogtember posts in case you missed some!
See you next month!

1 comment:

  1. What a great post about your grandma. I love the description, "The lady that doesn't hug, but squeezes you", she sounds like she is such a loving grandmother. That picture is too cute also! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog, your kind words were so sweet.


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