Wednesday, September 4, 2013

For three months..

If, for three months,
I could vanish from my current life,
and do anything in the world,
what would I do?

This is today's #blogtember post.

For three months I would ...

Visit Ireland (link)
I've been to the UK minus Ireland.
I'm long overdue
for some genuine Irish whisky
and some dry wit
and swoon worthy accents

Take a hot air balloon ride
and see the country side as birds do

I would take my best friends
and head to England
and remise
of the good ole' days
over a cup of tea

Find a beach
(or several of them)
curl up with a book
and listen to the crash of the waves


I would find myself
doing something I rarely find time to do:
I would be tackling a multi level cake
because when else would I have the time to?

I would take time to nap and snuggle
with a couple of short legged, long bodied pooches
In my book,
this takes the cake..


  1. Sounds amazing to me! I've been living in Scotland for 6 yrs and I still haven't made it over to Ireland. I need to make it a priority.

    1. I would love to trade shoes with you! I loved Scotland when I was there! You defiantly should go to Ireland asap, if not for you, for me!

  2. o my goodness, that puppy was too much cuteness for me to handle. love your ideas!

    happy wednesday!
    xo, sarah grace

  3. This is great!! especially the book, beach, and hammock! If that was the only thing I did for 3 months, I would be ok with that! Great post! See ya tomorrow! :)

    1. After posting this I think I talked myself in to planning a vacation :)

  4. hi, such cute puppy. Love your list. :) Following your from Blogtember.

    1. I am loving the Blogtember series, great way to discover new blogs! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I would love to go to Ireland too. Even though I'm in England, I've never been over the water. I will have a dram of whisky with you too! :-)


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