Thursday, September 19, 2013

Healthy Living Summit 2013: Day 1 and 2

I have been loving doing the #Blogtember Topics,
but having the HLS conference last weekend has kind of butted in..
So today #hls13 won over.
I am going to try to do my best to recap Friday and Saturday into one..

Take a big breath..
Here we go!

In the mist of  4 hours of sleep, rush hour traffic, and one way roads,
I lost my parking ticket when repositioning my car better in the parking spot.
Literally 10 seconds later, it was gone..
I am that talented. 
After looking for two days and well over an hour total,
I finally crawled on my belly and found it on the ground..
It was Friday the 13, by the way..
Please tell me I am not the only one that takes photos of where and what level they park.
You know, for future forgetful moments..

These views made my day a wee bit better
Yes, that is a bags game being played on a roof top.
Score one for Minneapolis!

Then it was off to Townhall Brewery. 
Bloggers and Beer..
Great Combo!
I am not sure what my obsession with beer is lately.
Thinking my inner German is gearing up for Ocktober Fests in a couple weeks!
The Turkey, Bacon, and Avocado wrap was pretty spectacular too!

(Don't you love how it's a Healthy Living Summit,
and I order BEER and get FRIES, 
livin' on the edge I tell ya)

The much anticipated Cocktail Party followed shortly after!
The view was incredible..
I LOVE outdoor lights, and this was phenomenal! 

Now we need to talk cheese.
This is a Sargento Cheese Stick & Pretzel Rod wrapped in ham.

Driscolls provided all my favorite berries to snack on all day on Saturday.
 I was a happy girl!
Sidenote: Love the sign made out of berries..
That should be Pinterested..

The Hilton did an absolutely amazing job with all the food we ate!
Bloggers are tough, honest critics!

Last but not least, among all the great sponsors was Wild Harvest Organic.
I'll blog more about them later.
But those that know me, 
Know I LOVE popcorn..
A make your own popcorn bar was genius!
AND it was organic.. 

...And Exhale...

Well, that sums up the conference for now.
I'll be back later
(like October?)
To talk about what I learned and how I am applying it!

Have you ever been to a  blogging conference?
What's your biggest pet peeve about diving in a large city?
Thoughts on Minneapolis?


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