Monday, September 23, 2013

Life Lately #Blogtember

If I would tell you about my life lately I would say that I-
Tried my first Chocolate Chia Tea Latte:
Starbucks version.
I'm a Mocha girl, so it was hard breaking out of my norm.
Tasted liked Christmas.
I didn't know Christmas had a taste, but it does.
and it's a Starbucks Chocolate Chia Tea Latte.

Apple Orchards.
This girl is a freak about her apples..
So life lately consists of finding the best orchards.

Life Lately involves
Sunday drives-
to get a sneak peek of turning leaves

Ohh, and hard ciders or cider ales.
Would you believe me if I said I had
different varieties in my fridge at the moment?
Because I do.
And I am totally not ashamed of it either..

Discovering I have a crooked finger..
I paniked..
(hense the expression)
However, I have yet to recreate this crooked finger, 
and I am OKAY with that! 

Life Lately consists of:
Dark chocolate covered-
I'm lovin' it
You should see me in Trader Joe's.
It's embarrassing the large quantities I walk out with.
Wonder what the cashier thinks..

Puppy cuddles.
I had to go almost an entire week without them 
while at the Healthy Living Summit.
We're still make up for lost snuggling time.

Life Lately consists of:
Breaking out the longer-length
running clothes.
Which makes me happy.
and healthy..
Now, If only the sniffles would subside,
and I could breath without the help of inhalers,
I could actually get out and use them!

How do you prepare for fall running weather?
Anyone as obsessed with apples as me?
Whats happening in your life lately?


  1. I just went apple picking and I have to say I am a little obsessed at the moment. Just today on my run I was freezing and I started thinking "oh man, I have to break out the big guns now" aka my winter running gear. Not fun in the least!

    1. The one good thing about winter running gear is that it's almost like having a whole new wardrobe :)

  2. Hey! I was just looking at my comments... Did you know you're a no reply blogger? I can't respond to you! :)

    Thanks for commenting! I've always wanted to go apple picking... nothing says fall like apples. :)

  3. lovely post of yours, - enjoyed reading it! :)

  4. I am inspired by you. I have also created the blog with different concepts..Check it out


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