Monday, September 9, 2013

Osceola's Wings & Wheels 2013

This weekend I got to take in Osceola, WI's 
Wings & Wheels events-
with my parental unit at my side
(not that I needed any supervision)

It usually consists of a fly in breakfast
at the airport.
Clever, huh!
followed by an air show around noon
where regional pilots 
pull some mean tricks with the airplanes 
 while in the air-
to the point my mom gasps.
(she's secretly glad her children are NOT risk takers)

There is also a car show going on all at the same time.
We're talking HUNDREDS of cars.
I know jack about cars.
besides how to drive them,
well, an automatic...
But I do know how to pick out some fun ones!

An old delivery truck


I may have been talking about how cool this mint green hearse was..
Then I was informed by my father (who acutely knows cars)
that I was in fact NOT a hearse.
Way to pop my bubble Pop..

I have pink car accessories.
(chamois, shop vac, etc)
I am just missing this pink car to match

A. This car is PURPLE..and a really exciting shade at that.
B. The hood goes straight up..

This is my favorite type of airplane
Never knew I had a favorite kind of airplane until this event..

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  1. what a unique festival :)

    fun weekend!!

    cute blog you have!


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