Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 2013 Stitch Fix Review

It is Stitch Fix time!
It was torture skipping a fix in August,
so I was uber excited for this September's fix!
In my last Stitch Fix post, I talked about how it all works.
So lets get down the business..
September's Stitch Fix! 
For this fix I requested Autumn styles.
First Up:
Chris & Carol
Scarlet Drop Sleeve Striped Knit Top
This is a fun top.
I definitely would not have picked it out in a store
Hense why a stylist is so handy!
It was super comfy but needs a cami underneath 
Under Skies
Geena Tap-Sleev Belted Tunic
I was slightly scared when I pulled this one out of the box.
I just didn't look like me.
But after taking the pictures, I realized, it looks good on me!
Side Note:
Long top with belt, skinny jeans, rustic brown boots
mixed with my irish ears that sick out at the top..
Made me resemble an elf from Snow White.
I had a good, long laugh! 
Luci Braid Detail 3/4 Sleeve Knit Top
V-neck tees are my thing.
Love them!
This was right up my alley!
The only con:
The color..
Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve BUtton-Up Cardigan
A. I apologize for the poor quality of color on the photos.
B. I am laughing at myself in the pic,
Of course I would choose to take outdoor picks with crazy fast winds!
C. Its' a fitted cardigan in a pretty burgundy color!
In case you couldn't tell!
41 Hawthorn
Peacock Gems Necklace
My pictures do not do justice.
It sparkles and looks soo pretty :) 
I am wearing it in all the pics!
When I requested fall colors, 
burgundy and blue did not come to mind.
I am more of a brown, green and gold kind of girl.
I cannot even tell you the last time I wore burgundy.. 
But this fix works great for the transition between summer and fall.
My stylist was on her game!

Which ones did you like?
Which ones do you think I kept?
Want a fix? Click here and use my referral! 
If you do, I'll get money toward next months fix and be one happy girl :)

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