Thursday, September 5, 2013

Words of Wisdom

The #blogtember posts are not  going to be daily 
for the entire month. 
But I just happened to like the first few :)
Today's Blogtember encouraged us to pass on words of advise.
So shut up and listen
No, I am not yelling at you
Those are my encouraging words
I think my generation is very into themselves
and feels the need to prove themselves
or boast about themselves
or defend themselves. 
Sometimes you just need to shut up
and listen to who is speaking to you.
The more I've thought about this
the more I realized it's true.
If you meet someone older and wiser
why speak?
Just listen.
They are speaking to you for a reason.
Passing on their wisdom
or experiences
 so listen
with open ears and an open mind..
Something for you to think about..


  1. I had a teacher in HS who always said that a wise man (or woman) learns from other's mistakes. I always think of that when I'm listening to others tell stories of their learn from their mistakes :) Great words of wisdom! Glad I clicked over from Blogtember :)

    1. Thanks! I have to say you put it much more eloquently then me :)


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