Monday, October 14, 2013

Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter Oktoberfest 2013

I have driven by the sign for Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter Restaurant countless times.
Did I ever stop by and check it out?

Well, five years later I discovered they had a Oktoberfest.
Perfect. Excuse.

A German Lucy..
I have seen it all!

This made me feel like I was in the Harry Potter Movie Goblet of Fire.

Cute Kettle Corn Station,
with People dressed to the occasion :)
I am a popcorn fanatic, but kettle corn isn't my thing

Almonds on the other hand...

I think a healthier version of these will be making an appearance on the blog soon..

Oh, and the BEER,
cannot forget the beer.
(and the stein) 

With a beer that size, 
I needed more than nuts..

I was brave.
I tried something new.
A knackwurst.
I asked the people in front of me,
and behind me,
and no one had any idea what it was.
Yes, I was THAT brave..

Basically its a plump sausage.
It was good, better then a brat,
Yes, I said that.

I cannot tell you the last time I had a pretzel this size.
It was salty.
I was disappointed.

Mission Accomplished
Time to go home

I got there early and thought it was crowded,
but there was a massively long line to get in when I left.
Was not expecting that.
But with all the good singing, 
who would want to stay at home

I have two fun videos, but have yet to figure out how to upload them from Mac products,
 Videos to YouTube fail from both my iphone and computer..
I will have to have a video post once I figure it out!

Have you ever gone to any Oktoberfests?
Favorite German Food?

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