Monday, October 28, 2013

Run for the Apples 5 mile

Run For the Apples
5 mile trail run:
It was cold.
we're talking in the 30 degree range..
And sleeting.

Which makes for a very muddy trail run.
and I'm a wuss..
I'll admit I walked up two hills
and pranced around muddy ruts.
Don't let the weather fool you, 
I still love this race/run.
You weave though apple trees,
and pumpkin patches.
Greeted at the finish line
more like a mud slide this year
with apple cider,
and a cookie.
(Sorry, no food pics. Too busy scarfing it down)
That is why I run this race.
Oh, and you get a long sleeved tee.
Yes, I am one of those runners.
2012 Results: 381 of 656 time of 53:39
2013 Results: 437 of 642 time of 54:28
I rarely ever go over 50 minutes when running at home.
This race gets me every time!
Any race suggestions for next year?

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