Monday, October 21, 2013

Seeing Blue

When we cleaned out my grandparents house,
years ago,
My mom found a few blue jars hiding in the basement.
Since they are so rare,
she filled it up with wax and turned it into a candle.
It made a great wedding gift for my cousin.

Ball reintroduced the blue jars this year,
in a Heritage Collection
to celebrate their 100 year anniversary

Say it with me.

How can you not love the look of them?
I have gotten into canning this year.
By "gotten into"
I mean my mom has been holding my hand the entire time.

I have to admit, 
there are some foods I would prefer to can in clear jars,
just because they are eye pleasing in jars,
and the blue would cover that up.
But for most things, it would be perfect,
and great at sprucing up the pantry!

I used these jars and had no problems with them.

I currently have some sauerkraut fermentating in them
and then they became pretty turquoise jars :) 

Definitely worth checking out for yourself!

Have you seen or tried Ball's Blue Jars on the shelves?
What are some of your favorite things to use them for?

*Ball sent me these jars to review, my opinions are honest and my own

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