Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Treat Yourself

Becky @ Olives in Wine hosts a link up called Treat Yourself Tuesday. 
In a nutshell, 
it is a fun way to make sure you do something for yourself every week,
so can be the best possible you. 
I kinda like it.
So here is how I've treated myself this week..
After I ran my 5k and did so amazingly awesome,
post coming this week,
I decided to stop at the Almelund Mercantile on my drive home.
My co-worker loves this place.
Following typical Shannon tradition,
I go there years after she mentions it.
It's kind of an antique shop that sells organic foods too.
Most antiques are not really my thing,
but when I happened to see this gem just chillin' on the shelf
for $6

This irish fanatic immediately took grasp and didn't let go.
It's the perfect seasonal M&M displayer.. 
Naturally, I couldn't leave without chocolate either..

So naturally while wearing workout clothes and being all sweaty after the run,
I go shopping..
Decided to treat myself to some autumn scented soaps from Bath and Body Works.
Since I live solo, these will literally last me all year.

Oh and last but not least.
New Slippers!

This is what is left of my old ones

Sully as a baby pup latched onto my slippers and didn't let go.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed he leaves these alone.
They are pink so they match 90% of all my pajamas (bonus)
and they are Rocket Dog brand which I have had good luck with in the past. 
I got them for cheap on Zulily!
What did you do this week for you?


  1. Those slippers are SO cute!! I would definitely just wear those as shoes :).

  2. Great job on the 5k!! And I loooovvveeee those slipper! They look so warm and cozy :) Thanks for linking up <3


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