Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Willa Weiner Dog Race

Galena, Illinois is such a scenic little town.
It is also a perfect little town for an Octoberfest,
featuring a Wiener Dog race.
As my co-worker said,
"My Youngest," Willa, is my runner.
She ran in last year's competition
and did really good!
She did not place or anything,
but given her anxiety around anything new,
she did awesome!
I had high expectations for her this year..
I didn't go to any Octoberfest activities other than the race,
so I cannot comment too much on the actual event.
At the beginning of the event, 
the owners and dogs,
participate in a parade of champions.
Basically you walk in a big circle and show off your pooch,
while they play German music.
This year there was more dogs then last year, 
especially in the costume contest.
I was the crazy dog mom taking pictures left and right.
Unfortunately, there is not video.
I am bummed.
The camera decided to be finicky and not function..
I was honestly looking forwarding to showing it to you!
So here's everything else,
but the race..

The excitement got to Sully,
he would not sit still or get comfy,
the entire trip..

Oh. Hi German man in the racing arena!

There was so many dogs dressed up it felt like halloween.
Here is the tradition wiener dog costume. 

I loved this guys costume,
and he won!

This lady was creative with her dogs,
but a wee bit over the top for my taste.
But it was the costume portion of the dog races..

No one can ever give me crap for dressing my dog up
in a christmas sweater,
or a packer jersey.

The race happened to land during Sully's nap time.

This years t-shirt!

Since Willa was glued to me the entire time.
She's not in any pictures..
So much like her mom ;)

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