Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A P'update {it is getting cold out}

My four-legged kids seem to have been slacking on their blogging..
Maybe the changing temps outside have gotten to them?

Willa has taken to racing to the dryer when it chimes a load is done.
She assumes every load is her blankets hot out of the dryer..

It snowed a couple weeks ago.
Sully took one step and turned around and went back inside.
Willa pranced around in it.

Like my new nightstand decor?
Someone got busted going after her her kennel treats when I was in the shower.
So she froze.
I honestly think she was thought if she didn't move, 
I wouldn't notice her up there..

This is how Sully handles mornings.
He is NOT a morning pup..
at. all. 

And then this happened.
I think Sully was reaching for a toy,
and got stuck.
So he fell asleep like this.
Willa was too tired to care..

When blankets get washed,
the pups improvise..

This pup discovered swimming in the river this summer.
Now that its too cold,
she has taken to literally jumping in the tub when I'm showering.
It's going to be a really long winter if this keeps up.

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