Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Autumn Village

Hey All!

Happy Tuesday! 
I think I am finally recovered from a long 4 days of traveling.
I spent Halloween with my parents house,
in which my little hound decided to be the door bell-
with every trick-or-treater.
He was having the time of his life!

After spending a long weekend with friends I don't see nearly enough,
I made it home in time to start my detox for all the amazing food I consumed this weekend!
So today I was slaving over the stove, canning apples and cooking soups!
Thank the Lord for slow cookers!
They make multi-tasking cooking so much more doable! 

I am whipped.
I did not even watch my Packers play..
I know..

But, I should have some yummy soups recipes headed your way soon!
I had a nice little chat with a guy at the car wash today,
who, I should mention,
was also washing his car while it was raining outside.
He informed it it's going to snow tomorrow.
I am not done with fall yet!

So here's a peek at what my little village does to celebrate the autumn season..
Such a cute little town. 
Better enjoy this before it's snow covered.

What is your  favorite things about small towns?
Pick your season: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

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