Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Curling in Duluth

A few weeks ago,
I got invited to go curling.
Since the Winter Olympics is going on,
everyone should know what I'm talking about.

Shuffleboard on the ice with brooms.

I've lived in the midwest my whole life,
but never witnessed curling.
I guess you to live in an area that resembles the arctic tundra.
For me.
I went to Duluth, MN.

For those that do not know me.
I am really not competitive.
Except for when my Packers are playing.
So when I was told it was a costume curing game,
my interest was peeked.

This years event:
Dress as your favorite book character.
So naturally there isn't too much competitiveness
and is just good fun! 

Where's Waldo?
Next to one of the three little pigs..

There was at least ten Waldo's there.

Here's some of the Harry Potter  Team
Ron actually had a wig and the "R" sweater.
Loved it!

So this is what I learned:
Your goal is to get your disc closest to the center,
if your team has it the closest,
then you get points for all the discs on there
and the other team doesn't.

I had a really, really hard time getting shuffleboard out of my head.
Not sure why,
haven't played it since, um 1998?

Oh, there there mini tv's all along the viewing window,
so all the spectators can see the top of the far end of the score zone.
Sadly I didn't discover this until half way through.

The games are LONG.
It's a major arm workout moving the "brooms"

How they launch the disc is actually really cool,
and hard to do.
I should have take a video.

I could completely have some of the facts of the game wrong.
Sorry if I do.
I was a little out of my element

Side note:
I foresee several trips to Duluth in 2014.
Such a great city! 
Have you ever gone curling?
Or wanted to try?

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  1. looks like a blast! I've always wanted to go curling my parents used to do it in Canada when I was a little kid


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