Friday, March 21, 2014

A Week in Photos

Living with these pups reminds me to appreciate the little things,
like sunshine

I finally caved and opened he patio door for the first time this winter
Willa's sniffer was smelling spring in the air

Then I met up with my cousin to start planning our trip to Ireland.
My Peppermint latte came with a cute little monkey ;) 

This is a BLT with cranberries.
Yes, cranberries.

There is a lot of Irish decedents in my hometown,
so St. Paddy's Day has grown to be a "thing".
Including a parade that mainly showcases families with Irish heritage.
It's a small town thing i guess..
So Sully and my grandma had fun taking in the parade,
from the warmth of the car..

Sully was on patrol for any food that may potentially drop to the kitchen floor..

I turned the heat way down while I was gone.
It may have gotten a little too cold.
Sully was in hibernation mode in the pillows

Trout to be exact.
Bring on grilling season! 

That was my week via photos!

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