Monday, March 31, 2014

Squatting in April

 I love squats.
Mainly because I carry my extra weight in my upper leg/butt area.
Not so much in my abdomen like most people.
So when I feel the burn, I know I'm hitting the right spot.
Glad you know that, right :)
Since I'm trying to get back my fitness routine,
I decided to do 30 days of squats.

It was big all over Pinterest and blogs last year,
but I didn't jump on board.
My April work schedule is going to be absurdly crazy,
so instead of using that as an excuse to slack off on exercising,
I'm going to use it as motivation.
So I'm going to start squatting April 1st,
and you should too.
Leave me motivation comments!!
I need them!!
So if you've done the 30 day squat challenge once,
and want to do it again.
Or are wanting to try it out,
here's your chance!
I'll be randomly blogging in April about my progress.
Keep me posted on your progress too!
If you have done it, tell me how it went!

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