Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My March Happiness

 My March Happiness
For 2014, my main focus was to be happy.
Here's a recap at what made me happy in March! 

*Shamrock Shakes at McDonald's.
This trumps the list. 
If you haven't tried one, you should.
They are my my spring guilty pleasure

*Soggy, muddy Dachshunds after a walk
The ground has been covered up all winter long around here.
My poor pooches have had to potty on the sidewalk.
So talking them for a walk,
on a sidewalk,
is glorious!
Even it it means immediate baths, every time 

*Spending time with my Grandma
She's almost 89,
life is too short to not spend time with her doing little things.

My basset hound is old. Almost 15!!
She's outlived all of our other bassets.
She can't really lift her one leg anymore.
She's lumpy with age and growths.
But it doesn't seem to bother her.
She still wagging her tail and greeting me when I visit.
before demanding a treat.
Spring isn't here yet,
she hasn't demanded a belly rub.

*fresh air
Okay, so it's only 30 degrees outside,
But I still flew open the patio door for the first time to let in some fresh air.

*St. Patricks Day
It's my favorite holiday.
My hometown goes wild with festivities.
I was fortunate enough to be there to participate this year!

*Reading a book
I can only seem to do one hobby at a time,
 An actual book from the library finally made the rotation!

*A roof over my head
As much as I dislike where I live,
It's a roof over my head.
The apartment complex where I live when I was in college,
burnt down, again.
I burned down two years ago.
A reminder that things could be so much worse.

*A washed car
I was raised in a household where a washed car is vital.
It must have rubbed off on me  because I've been antsy to wash my vehicle.
Taking the sprayer and blasting off the sand and salt was refreshing..
it was dirty as soon as I left the wash, 
but the grit that's been stuck on it for months is gone..
I felt 10x better.

 *It's a girl!
Finding out one of my best buds is having a baby girl!
Let the baby shopping begin!

Catching up on my blogs!
I was a wee bit behind on my blog reading.
Now I feel up to date,
with a clean que in Bloglovin! 

What are some things that made you happy this month?

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