Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tarter and Yeast, a Pup-date!

The pups were long over due for a visit to their doctor.
They get a physical, yearly shots and lab work.
Usually this goes over well.
Sully is dramatic.
Yelps with every shot,
while wagging his tail and licking the tech.
Willa is a tough pooch.
She stands there and takes it.
Without making a sound.
Her tail safely tucked.
This year we did not leave with a clean bill of health..
Sully has had ear issues since I've adopted him.
I've had to clean those ears more then I care to share.
This time he left the vet with ointment,
to treat is double ear yeast infection..
Then there's Willa. 
She always has the most random things happen to her.
Scraped up paws. 
blisters and sores under her arms.,
allergic recaation to river water.
This trip I was informed if we don't get the tarter on her teeth under control,
she will have to have dental work.
Since when do dogs have dental work done?
So I made a trip to the cities to gather supplies.
Stuff to put in their water to help with the tarter,
And a tooth brush and tooth paste for the pups.
Every morning I'm wrangling dogs,
brushing their teeth and rubbing ointment in their ears..
Then I get sour looks and ignored for a while.
Overall, they are in good health!
They lost weight!!!
No more bratworsts!
They got mega complements on their silky fur.
The staff had good laughs at Sully's dramatic expressions.
...and I'm happy
after the morning wrangling! 

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