Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

This weekend the pups and I got to kick it at a lake, in MN..
Land of a gazillion lakes :)
Sully was pretty pumped...

as was Willa

I have wanted the take the dogs out on a boat for the last few years.
There was always something that came up so it never happened..
Needless to say, my Willa was in her element

The life jacket was a necessity.
She LOVES water!
We sat on a dock for a while.
There was a man fishing.
This means this man was throwing a bobber,
or a mini ball in Willa's eyes,
into the water. 
She came way to close to falling in..
Surprisingly she didn't mind the jacket!
We attached the leash to it,
and would reel her in :)

Can you spot her below?

This tends to happen frequently..
Willa felt a little left out, so she held our hands too :)

An entire weekend with this 9 month old cutie!
So fun! 

We stayed with Mike's Sister-in-laws cabin.
It was such a refreshing weekend.
I thought I would feel out of place with my two hyper dogs,
but there was a total of 5 dogs there.
When ever we let the dogs outside,
ALL the neighbor dogs came over.
Our cabin was the place to be,
if you were a hound :)

I ended up having to work Memorial Day, 
but it was good to get in some sunshine!

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

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