Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Thoughts On Bullying

I read this article on bullying and it really got me thinking.
How did kids get so violent?

Growing up we had kids that were "picked on"
or "made fun of". 
I never remember anyone being verbally assaulted.
Or being physically attacked.

What caused this big change?
Is it the media? 
Movies or Video Games?

When do you draw the line at bullying?
There's been arguments to make bullying illegal.

How do you discipline a young child,
that may or may not understand the implications to what they are saying?

There are so many questions on how to go about it.

I do believe that no child should ever feel unsafe or threatened at school.
Under any circumstances.

Should bullying be left the parents, school or government?
Should schools have more councilors to help?

As for the article,
Do I personally think the father went too far?
Do I think the bully should be removed from the school.


Do you think this father went to far?
How do you think bullying should be handled?

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