Monday, May 12, 2014

Paying More Attention

A while back,
(like last fall)
 I ran across this article,
11 things we should pay more attention to 
by Cody Delistraty
When I redesigned this blog,
I subtitled it Embracing Life's Little Things.
I genuinely wanted to focus on the little things in life.
The things that make us happy and healthy.
This article resonated in me for that exact reason.
I do loose focus on the little things from time to time.
Here is a few of my favorites from the article:
The First Snowfall
If it was not for the days of sparkling freshly fallen snow,
I would not be able to tolerate where I live.
Winter for me is curling up with soft blanket and warm cup of coffee,
and looking out the window at freshly fallen snow..
With that said,
I had half a year off it, and that was enough.
I'll appreciate it more when it comes back AFTER the summer :)
Uncommon Kindness
I love It when this happens!
For example:
When examining a new or foreign product at the grocery store,
and a random lady tells you how much she loves that product,
and what she cooked with it.
side note:
I would so help those little ducklings too!
Your Calm Place
Call me an introvert, 
but I need this space.
When it's just you and your thoughts.
Impeccably Planned Evenings
I disagreed with this one.
I think the best evenings are the ones that just happen.
I do understand how we take for advantage when things just go right.
But the unexpected is what makes it so memorable,
and some of the best stories to tell too!
Giving the Perfect Compliment
I am quick to hand out compliments,
but the worst to receive them. 
I learn that so many people compliment,
but don't mean what they say.
It's a pet peeve.
So if you're  going to give a compliment,
mean it.
For instance,
Please don't say it's a nice shirt if its ugly.
Try to comment on how nice it is that they wore a shirt with bright colors,
on a dreary day, etc..
but just don't lie to attempt to complement them.
It's just rude.
What little things do you think we take for granted?

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