Monday, May 5, 2014

Staying on Track with Fitbit

I've fallen off the health bandwagon lately. 
In my efforts to stay on track,
I recruited help.
So I bought a Fitbit.
I've heard about them for a while.
My curiously got the best of me.
So what is a fit bit?
It's a rubberish bracelet.
bonus: doesn't catch the hair on your arm!!
inside of the fitbit is a little chip devise.
This gadget tracks your steps,
and activity,
and your sleep.

It also syncs wirelessly to your phone.
It's compatible with other apps I use.
Like Sparkpeople for my nutrition
and Map My Run for my jogs.
It's really interesting to see the results.
For instance I knew I tossed and turned a lot when I slept.
This subtracts when you were restless and awake,
for your total on when your truly sleeping.
Eye opener for this girl!

It gives you a digital display of little lights.
Each light represents 20% of your goal.
One of the coolest features is its alarm.
It vibrates on your wrist.
So no one really knows when it's going off but you!
I purchased extra bands in different colors.
Have you tried a fitbit?
What's your thoughts?


  1. I have a fitbit ultra and love it!

  2. I got one about a month ago and love. It doesn't work with my outdated phone so I can't check it as often as I like. I'm due for an upgrade in the phone department though so I think that will help a lot. The sleep tracking is by far my favorite part!


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