Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May 2014 Happiness

It's been June for a few days.
May was a pretty lid back month,
much more time to stop and smell the roses.
Here is a few little things that brought me happiness this last month!

Turning 15!!
My beautiful Basset turned 15!
She's has a very long life,
and our family is so blessed to have extra years with her!
Cleo is by far the best birthday gift i've ever received!
Happy Brithday Pooch!

I had my first root beer of the year in April,
I forgot how much I loved the stuff!
It's fun trying new brands,
trying to find the best root beer flavor

Hair Cut
I finally had my hair cut to the length I desired.
Two months ago, the stylist and I were not on the same page.
However, Its finally "short".
If I had a strong jaw line, I would LOVE to chop more off!
I am loving my summer "do" 

I missed the smell of these flowers!
They make going for my runs so much more enjoyable!
I think they are one of my favorite spring scents from nature!

Bare Legs
Lets give a shout out to the warm weather.
We've toughed out a very long, cold winter,
so savor the vitamin D!!
We earned it!

1st Blogaversary
I didn't post about it,
but WisconsinDachshound turned one year old in May!
Thanks to everyone for reading!

New Products
I love being introduced to new things.
I was chosen of a #GoVoxBox
I'll post about that soon! 

  What has brought you happiness in May?

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