Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gone Fishin'


Some of my co-workers have loved ones who have been hurting.
So our department at work has been putting together items for their fundraiser.

I normally work second shift,
and get excluded from the fun, decorative stuff.
Due to staff vacations, 
and myself randomly working an earlier shift,
 I got the honor of putting together a Fishing Themed Basket.

I actually had a reason of taking out,
aka, unpacking,
my craft stuff-
And using it.
It felt  good!

My hobbies have unfortunately fallen on the back burner this year.
I kept it super simple, 
I wanted the basket to speak for itself.
Me me tell you, 
sprucing up a tackle box isn't easy!

Today I am teaming up with Becky at olivesnwine.
I treated myself to using my creativity,
while helping a co-worker's benefit!

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