Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Life Lately

Life needs to slow down 
I've got a lot of blogging to catch up on..
Here's what you missed,
literally just from this past week!

On Friday the boy finally graduated from is residency program.
So i made him take a photo with me after his roast..
P.S. the U of M campus is not directionally challenged Shannon friendly..
There is a reason I went to a college with only two buildings for classes...

Oh and a last minute change of plans.
I'm moving.
The boy rented a house large enough for me and the pups to move in
(its even got a fenced in back yard)
My lease isn't up until the fall,
but I decided I wanted to take advantage of having a yard during the summer months.

 Sully wanted to make sure he didn't get missed in the packing..

 A pup and his squeaky 
The squeaky was packed, not worries..

 Oh and Willa caught a fly in mid air and ate it.
That's was pretty big news for a while.
Then Sully disabled a fly and played with it for a while.
I'm well guarded from fly attacks..

Last but not least.
I chopped all my hair off.
Wasn't in my plans (or my stylists)
for it to be this short,
but I really don't mind it.

...until we meet again...

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