Monday, July 7, 2014

So Long Wisconsin

We survived the move to Minnesota! Thursday we spent all day loading and unloading the U-haul. We both foresee a moving company for our next move, maybe just for the furniture.  I would love to say we followed though on our plans to go see fireworks the next day, but truth be told, we were exhausted. Instead, we watched the fireworks display out the window of an extra bedroom while sitting on nightstands. It worked for us! 

Yesterday we finally got the lawn mowed! The pups were getting red bug bites on their bellies from the crazy long grass. So we bought a mower and took care of it. So far, no more nasty red marks!  

The drawback of this house is the ticks! I've lost  count of how many we've caught crawling on us or on our things. They make mosquitos look good! 

Speaking of the pups. They are adjusting amazingly. Sully loves playing try-and-get-me around the island. We went from having neighbors on the other sides of the walls, to literally no next door neighbors. So he's had to bark at random things, like the ice maker..

I always know where Mike is since Sully loves being with him all the time. He literally sits and stares downstairs waiting for him to come in from the garage or up from the basement.

We kicked back last night enjoying the last night of our long weekend. Nothing beats stovetop popcorn! Perfect ending!

P.S. This stuff is like catnip for dogs.  The doxies have even started eating the dirt after I fertilize my plants. Ridiculous! 

How was your holiday weekend?

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