Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 2014 Stitch Fix

Thank you to everyone who has been leaving comments on my Stitch Fix posts,
from last year. 
It made me realize I should probably get on the ball and do a post,
this year preferably..

Truth is,
Stitch Fix got a little ishy a while ago.
They changed delivery companies which caused me all kinds of chaos.
Then they really didn't seem to be matching my style very well.
The last two or three fixes have been much, much better.

So I thought I would share with you my latest fix!

First things first,
The photoarea had to be checked by my security team...

 1.) Renee C Mackin Floral Print Cut-Out Back Tank
I loved this top. Now that may hair is shorter, the cute cut out on the back is actually visible. The print is something I would not have normally picked out, but I really liked it when I put it on. The back is longer then the front.

Verdict: Return
Boyfriend said it looked like a "mom shirt". Needless to say I became paranoid and sent it back.

2) 41Hawthorn Montgomery Chevron Cross-Front Top
I am not a big fan of chevron print on anything. The chevrons didn't go up and down so I actually was okay with this top. The fit was perfect (and stretchy). It can easily be dressed up or down. 

Verdict: Keep!
It is a really good transitional piece to go into fall with.

3) Pomelo Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan
I have been eyeballing this cardigan on Pinterest for a while now. So when I saw it was going to be in my fix, I was pretty pumped. I loved it! However, I would not recommend wearing it zipped. 

Verdict: Return
I decided bright orange isn't practical for this time of year. I did tell my stylist to include it again in another fix, just in a darker color. 

4) 19 Cooper Cathleen Split-Neck Tulip-Sleeve Blouse
This top just wasn't me. It fit great, but the style wouldn't work for my lifestyle. 

 Verdict: Return

5) Bay to Baubles Tazo Triangle Charm Lariat Necklace
I was uberly excited to get a necklace that was simple. I wore it in most of the photos above. It just dangled a little bit too long and wound up sitting inside my shirt. 

Verdict: return

So that's this months fix.
If you to try it yourself, here's my referral link! 

Speaking of links,
Today I am linking up with Becky@Olivesnwine
for Treat Yourself Tuesday! 


  1. I was so bummed with my last fix - I returned everything I received! Blech! Next time they said the styling fee was on them so I hope it's a better shipment :) You look great in the piece you decided to keep. It's a perfect color for you!

    1. Hope they do better with your next fix! It can only get better, right?!

  2. I love chevron and the chevron top that you decided to keep looks beautiful on you :) Have you gotten new fixes lately?

    1. Yes, I had one more fix after this but never took any photos! It came when I had 10,000 things going on at once. I'm due for a fix in a couple weeks. The anticipation kills me..

  3. How did you take the photos? They look professional and I like your modeling skills too!


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