Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Almost Thirty Discovery

I recently turned almost thirty and made a discovery:
I cannot do it all.

The week following my birthday, I took the entire week off.
My goal was to complete multiple projects, plus
cook, clean, unpack, workout, bake and blog..
I had seven days.
Seemed totally possible.

What I accomplished was only a fraction of that.
Instead of beating myself up like I normally do,
I am trying to accept that there isn't just enough time in the day.

Instead I spent time with my boyfriend,
whom I normally don't get to see during the week.
I spent time at target, which I love to do!
(cartwheel is the best!)
The weekend was spent with my family,
doing things my family normally does.

My craft projects are still at a standstill.
My blog has been neglected.
My house still has empty walls and unpacked boxes.
My garden is still wild and crazy.
But right now, I don't care.
Because I'm enjoying some puppy cuddles.

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