Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Minnesota Yard

When I moved into this rental house in July,
there was so much I was ready for.
One of them being having a yard.
You really don't know how much you miss having one,
until you spend 6 years without one.
So here is a little look around the outdoors of my MN home! 

Anywhere I live,
my pups will be my first priority.
So that fact that this place came with a fenced in backyard is amazing!
Bonus: it's green. Much more appealing then the silver looking chain fence.

Speaking of the pups...
On each side of the garage is a dachshund.
I did not put them there.
It was fate, let me tell ya.
God knows he needs to be a little blunt with me on where I should live..

I can almost squeal at the fact I have a front stoop.
Not only and I planning on decorating it for the fall,
but there is no long FedEx battles!!!!
My #1 pet peeve at my apartment.

Yes, it's a recycling bin.
But after almost 6 years of no recycling.
I am happy to finally be doing my part.
We honestly go through as much recycling as we do garbage..
Sad to think about how much I've put in the landfill over the years at my apartment.

There is an empty lot next to us....

...and across from us :)

The pups are still have a deck to sun on.

A fire pit!
We were so excited to have on the backyard.
We are talking near giddy.. 
Truth: We've only used it once.

I have this slight obsession with the super tall pine trees in rows.
My back yard has them.
I LOVE looking out my window and seeing this pines.
I cannot wait until winter when they are heavy with snow..
Yes, I just said I cannot wait until winter.

What are your thoughts?
What is the favorite part about the outdoors where you live?

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  1. Cute pups! I need to get one of those recycling bins. We have been putting ours in a paper bag.

    1. We did the paper bag route for a while after we moved in. I ended up buying a blue recycle bin for indoors from amazon. Works great!


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