Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life: Unexpected

It's true I am not a big fan of surprises. I blame it on the inner shy Shannon.When people try to surprise me, all the attention is on me. Insert: Panic and red flushed cheeks! However, I have gotten better at rolling with the punches. For instance:
This is Ned. 
Ned is my basil toad. He lives in my basil plant. When I first met Ned, he surprised me by appearing in my bowl of freshly picked basil. I am not a fan of any creatures without fur, at all!  Now that we have formally met, Ned has felt a little more comfortable around here. He frequently is found clinging on the patio door window or chilling on his basil basil plant. We're good. 
Then a few days earlier, this happened:

Droopy Ears, Sad Face..
Sully wanted to lay in his kennel. All day. Not like him. He is normally attacking me with his squeaky toys or snoozing in my lap. I figured he just was tired. However when Mike came home, Sully didn't even wag his tail or get out of the kennel. It's safe to say the pups have grown on him because he scooped him up, pillow and all, and took him to urgent care. (yes, pet urgent care does exist)  Lab work, x-rays, and an exam later he was diagnosed with a compressed disc. He is back to his normal self now, chasing toads and all. Maybe it's because I take and examine x-rays all day long or because I asked the dog-loving radiologist I work with to take a peek at the X-rays, but I do not believe he has a compression fracture. But I do think he hurt his back, just not that severely. 
You never can predict what live with present you with, 
but sometimes you just gotta roll with it!

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