Thursday, November 6, 2014

Girl Meets Chopsticks

Why does such pretty food have to be so difficult to eat? 

I've had my struggles with chopsticks in the past. I just tossed it up to never having to use them before. Only once have I ate Sushi in public, and it was comical. I got lessons in how to use them but needless to say, I failed. My fingers just couldn't make them work.

My solution, get more take out Sushi and practice eating them in my own home with no one watching. So I did. Several times. I had a 50/50 success rate. There are loads of YouTube tutorials on how to eat with chopsticks. I watched most of them. I looked at drawings on the correct way to use them. Still, I sucked.

The boy and I have a list of date night ideas saved on Evernote. Sushi was on it. So this weekend we went to Grand Ave in St Paul which was a date idea. Then got Sushi. Two date ideas at once, total over achievers, i know! So what do I do, have a freak out over the chopsticks. Mainly because I suck at using them, no matter how I long I've tried, and the boy, he's a pro. After I repeatedly spazzed out over lettuce falling all over the place, he orders me silverware. And I feel like I've failed. However I am the only one who really cares. 

I eventually calmed down. Tried the chopsticks a few more times. There is only so much of your food  falling all over the place before you throw your hands up. So I used my fingers and ate the rest of the food. I was as happy as a clam. Not sure if it's  because I didn't resort to giving up entirely and using silverware or because I came to the realization that I was fighting a battle against two pieces of wood.

Either way, we ended up enjoying our food. One with chopsticks, one with fingers. That's compromise :)

Above, is deep fried oysters. On Tuesday I talked about how we eat healthy during the week and fail miserably on the weekend? This is what I'm talking about. So delicious! Tasted like super juicy breaded mushrooms! 

Anyone else hate chopsticks?

Liking up with RunningWithSpoons today!


  1. I struggle with them so much too, it's so difficult! Usually I end up using the chopsticks to spear the sushi like I would with a fork. Heh.

  2. Oh man, my first date with sushi was a mess. I splashed soy sauce all over my ex when I dropped a piece in mid-air.

    I'm much better now, it takes a lot of practice.

  3. Deep fried oysters sound like the most amazing thing ever! I am horrible at using chopsticks. I used to try to use them but now I've admitted my shortcomings. Oh well.


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