Monday, December 22, 2014

Finding My Christmas Spirit

To say the last few months has not been crazy would be a lie. But honestly, whose lives have not been? Shortly before Thanksgiving my co-worker was asking me about Christmas and decorating the new house. I looked her and said "I honestly was more excited about Halloween". After thinking about that I realized I needed to change my 'tude.

My Solution. Go all out Christmas. I booked three different Christmas Music shows in Minneapolis. We set out and cut down our first tree. A few new decorations now grace our home. I made crocheted scarves for the Christmas card photo. The Christmas card photo even got taken and mailed out in a timely fashion. Our home even smells like Christmas. 

Did it help? Somewhat. This year has been such whirlwind, with the last few months been completely topsy turby. The boyfriends work continues to throw more curve balls at him. Even interfering with our Christmas plans. We literally have no idea where he will be working or living a few months ahead. Our health is no where near where it was or where it should be. With so much up in the air, I've found it easier just to fake the holiday spirit. Who has time or the energy for it?

I may not be Merry and Bright this season, but I am greatful. My health and happiness are not where they need to be, but they exist! I have a roof over my head. Two happy little dachshunds. A boyfriend to lift me up when I start to crumble under everything. A reliable vehicle to take me to and from work where I do my part to help people heal. A large family to spend my time with and celebrate one another. I may not be peppy and overly merry this season, but I am genuinely grateful for everything and everyone in my life. That to me is worth it's weight in gold..or Frankencence  and Myrrh.. 

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