Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Advocare Update: Week One.

Good Day!
Thought I would do a quick update to let you all know how the Advocare 24 day challenge is going.
The All-In Challenge kicked off on Wednesday. Mike decided to start it on Thursday instead. Such a rebel ;)  Day one went fine for me at work, which was my biggest fear. You just never know how much time you are going to have to eat or have a snack. Day one for Mike was a little more tough. Learning to eat smaller portions and resist snacking at night is not easy!
  The weekend presented it's own challenges. Mike ended up getting a ticket to go to the Packer play off game. (yes, we are all jealous). So he spent Saturday and Sunday on the road and at the game, while on Sunday I was at a family Christmas celebration. Needless to say, it was a make it or break it kind of weekend. So we choose to take a day off of the challenge. Not fully, we were still very conscious of what we were eating, but didn't stick to Advocare's guide. Being more mindful of what we eat is a huge step in the right direction for us!
The biggest challenge staring off this challenge was the lack of meal planning. The All-In Advocare Challenge started on the last day of my ten day work week, which included being on-call. That translates to me spending the night at the hospital on the weekend, plus working second shift. You're free time is spent catching up on sleep. This Saturday I hit up the craziness of Costco and stocked our fridge with healthy foods. Literally, its chuck full! 
The hurdle I'm working on this week is my energy level... Neither one of us has had the energy to exercise this  last week.. 
There is a helpful Advocare 24 day challenge app that we are trying out too..
Has anyone used it?

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