Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Finding Our Health

Happy New Year!
I could list out my New Year resolutions for you, but they are most likely 99% the same as everyone elses, so I'll spare you :)  My plan this year is to not just figure out my resolutions and state them, but have a plan of attack in place.
First up to be conquered: Getting our health back!
I say "our" because not only have I let my healthy lifestyle slip, but the boyfriend has too.What can I say, we are two of a kind :)  We both had a big year full of unexpected surprises. So this year we are getting ourselves back on track in terms of our health. Last summer and fall, Katie from Running4Cupcakes has approached me to do the advocare 24 day challenge. She was pushed into doing it and had no regrets. Unfortunately, committing to 24 days of being somewhat home bound to prepare meals just wasn't working out with our schedules last year. She approached me again this winter and I signed right up! The timing finally worked out!
Starting Wednesday, Mike and I will be following a clean eating diet and taking supplements Advocare provides along the way for 24 days.
Our goal is to not only shed a few pounds, but to kick our binge eating and unhealthy eating habits out the door. So we will be cutting out caffeine (gulp),alcohol,  processed foods (basically anything over 6 ingredients), Fried foods, creamy foods, etc. Oh and Dairy!! This is going to be the hard one. I know on previous challenge blog posts, people had to cut it out completely, but on my information packet it just says to use in moderation. Since we are cheeseaholics, we will be abstaining from dairy. Well, at least for the first 10 "cleansing" phase days.
The good news is that we are not alone. Wednesday kicks off the 24 day "all-in" challenge. This is support I hope to utilize when I get a little overwhelmed with staying on track.
As much as I am ready for a start in the right direction, I am overwhelmed and nervous at the same time. With money invested in the challenge, there is more pressure to not fail or cheat. I am going to have to get on the ball about meal planning and prepping. Neither of which are my strengh.. Knowing the first few days we are both going to be royally exhausted and not having caffeine to use as a pick-me-up the next day will be brutal.
 My "plan" is to keep you all updated on how it's going. What is the toughest part for us as we go along with this and also, what surprised us.

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