Monday, July 13, 2015

Living In The Now

My posting at the blog has been pretty sporadic after the last move. My work hours have changed so I'm now working when most people work instead of when a majority of people are leaving work. Adapting to not having all my me time during the day to be productive and sharing my evenings with my mini family is a really rough transition for an introverted gal like myself.

Life in general just has changed for me. Relocating forced me to change jobs. Even though I am still working in a different field, it is completely different work in an entirely different atmosphere. There was just a lot of new in a short period of time and I am still figuring it all out. I like change, but I'm discovering I require a lot of time to adjust to changes. This must get harder as you get older.

My 30th birthday is sneaking up on me quickly. My goal since my early teens was that I wanted to be settled when I was thirty. It gradually is becoming just that.

So, needless to say, this little blog will be changing too. It will always change as I change. The though has crossed my mind to just stop blogging. But I am going to try out something new.

At the beginning of June, I went to a concert with my cousin. We have been admit about seeing them when come to MN for the last few years. Somehow this year I scored us front row tickets at a super small venue. During the concert, the band was telling some teens to put their phones away and live in the moment. For some strange reason, that resonated in me. I really didn't take much photos of videos. When is the next time I'm going to be 6 feet away from these guys at another concert? So we just enjoyed it.

As life would have it, we ran into the exit to the venue with some fellow fans. Long story short, we took a selfie with Danny, the main singer. That experience will never happen again. I'm glad I didn't waste it by watching it though a phone screen or hurrying out the door to beat the traffic. Instead, we sat back - well technically stood, enjoyed the once in a lifetime show, and took our time standing an chatting with a fun group of people that resulted in us meeting and getting our photo taken with a band member.

Ever since then, when I'm getting stressed for frazzled about something, I keep trying to stop and think positively so my day isn't ruined by one moment. Hopefully I get to share some of that on this blog so everyone else can have reminders to live in the moment and think of the positivity life can bring in a moment when you're not expecting it to.

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